An Update After 4 Months  

Posted by Kelvin Hiu

Lol... An update after 4 months.... Firstly, I don't think there are anymore readers for my blog. I don't care much about it.. It's for my memories which I want to remember it always.

Why I never update my blog???

1) Busy
2) Not much to update
3) Lazy
4) Lazy
5) Lazy
....... XD

Why I update now???

Because I have the mood to update...

Next question. How's my life???

Cool. Having my holidays. Staying at home relaxing before my 2nd year degree starts. When people are working, I'm sleeping and when people are sleeping, I "work". :D

I sure miss my uni friends and my melaka friends. It may be weird missing my melaka friends since I'm in melaka. Well, the reason is I'm staying in my room 24 hours in front of my beloved laptop and my friends have left melaka to further their studies. Oh well, that's life for me.... Just received the news that my cousin is going to the same university as me. Should I be sad or happy??? Maybe happy...

That's all????

YESS!!! That's all for now.... If there are still readers for my blog, i appreciate it so much and thank you for reading my blog. Take care my friends....

*Having mixed up feelings*

80th post - Sunway!!!!!  

Posted by Kelvin Hiu

80th post for my blog.... not really proud of it... cause it took me 1 year plus to get me this far. But I'm still happy. :D

Yesterday which was Friday. I didn't go back home. So what to do?

This conversation happened on Tuesday if not mistaken....

Me : Eh, friday what to do ah??? So boring and sien....

Billy : Yalor kinda sien.... Want go out or not???

Me : Sure but go where??? Midv sien d....

Wei Ping : Lets go sunway.... Ice Skating....


Me : LOL!!! ok then.... friday after class we go sunway.....

Billy : Sure!!!

So, yesterday went sunway pyramid the whole day... Had lots of fun but tired. XD

What we did??? Had lunch in Manhattan Fish Market. 1st time i was not able to finish my food in manhattan.... Maybe i had breakfast. IDK....

Choco Milk Shake!!!! Nice!!!

After lunch, was about 2pm. So we went skating.... TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!!! BUT BUT BUT!!! TOTAL FUN!!! XD Dropped a few times and skating is not easy lol.... Skate about 3 hours and managed to stand, walk and skate slowly.

Was not able to get some photo during skating.... This was after skating....

Pedo!!!! (Bernard)

Jer Sern


Beside them, Billy, Wei ping, Wei Jian and last but not least ME myself.... Wanted to get a group photo.... but some don't want to.... :(

Around 6pm left sunway pyramid. Super jam!!! Reached uni about 8.30pm and had my dinner..

Thats all for now.... And few camwhores. Please do comment :D My hairs sure sucks in photo but was not bad in real life... Hehehe... I'll do better next time..

Rate the photos... :D

Till then.... Bubye.... ♥ ♥

Self Made Dinner  

Posted by Kelvin Hiu

Well, 1st of all... my semester 1 and my exams are over!!!! WEEEEE!!!!! NEVER EVER ASK ME ABOUT MY EXAM!!! Now back in Melaka for the weekend and will be going back uni in the evening. Tomorrow will be the start of my 2nd semester. 1st of all, timetable sucks. I can cry when i see my timetable. Everyday I have class and if my lab is on friday that will be so _ _ _ _ up. 6pm on a freaking friday.... 2nd, I would say I got some lecturers I may not want to see them. Oh well, can't change the fact that they are teaching me. Hope I can survive and I promise to study harder this semester hehehe...

Today, my parents asked me whether wanna follow them to Seremban for my uncle's function. What function? I don't know lol.... Straight tell my mum. No way I'm going. I want to be at home and rest.. Its really no point going for the function. I don't know anybody there. Seldom talk to them. So blaaaaa.... So I had to make my own dinner. Would say its a wonderful and delicious dinner.. Cooked "lou shu fan" a.k.a rat tail noodles. That English name is from google and sounds eeewww lol... Cooked some meat with the "lou shu fan". Kinda tasty yummy. Too bad i forgotten to get a pic of my dinner XD.

After dinner.... What I did? Hhhmmm.... Was actually doing nothing lol..... Wanted to play online game but all my friends left the server without telling me.. So watch old anime... After watching 2 episodes, felt very boring. So no choice, online game.. It came out too be a WOOOHHOOOO!!!!! Some old gamers came online. So decided to have to chit chat and some wars ehehhe.... Actually was losing when 3 allies killing 1/3 of my ally. And so, backup came... PAWN ALL!!! RAWR!!! 1 ally kill 3 ally. There was like 20+ people and we have only around 15 people. Lots of EXCITEMENT!!! Played till my hands were shivering... Had never experienced this for almost half a year in the game... It will be memorable game for me.... ^^

Oh well, that's all for now i think... Can't remember anything else to write about. Wanted to write about studying with my friends in the library... But nah... Trying to forget about my exams.... Till the next post babies... Hope I can survive from my 4 hours lecture(same subject) on Monday. Bye bye and good night.

Sudden Post  

Posted by Kelvin Hiu

Well i know i have not been updating this "dead" blog for few months since 2009 XD. Maybe didn't have the mood to blog. Now, i have the mood to blog XD. Been studying everyday and feel very boring. Nothing much happen to me actually. Very busy with my project, exams of course and last but not least my club. I became the president for UNMC IET(Institution of Engineering and Technology) Student Chapter. Have to plan and organize events.

Today have been a tiring day for me. Slept at 3am and woke up at 9am to get back to uni for exams. The reason that i slept late is because it was my last day to play online game for January haha. Can't play in uni because the internet sucks and they blocked it.

On my way back, was surprised that there was a road block on the highway. What is it for? To "saman" drivers who were speeding. Few police cars and trucks. They sure deserve the samans ^^.

Besides that, today i learnt something. I don't know it is right or wrong. Got my coursework marks. The people who think so much to solve the questions for the coursework got low marks and the one who don't think so hard to solve them get high marks. I was like WTF? All I can say now is the past is the past and think about the future.

Oh ya. New year. Nothing much about it and celebrate with my family in KL.

Nothing else I wana blog about. This will be my only post for January. Will be very busy studying. Having exams from 11th January till 22th January. ZZZZZZzzzzzz. And my 2nd sem start on 25th January. Thats the worst part.

Back to studies. :( Till the next post. Hope I get good marks and 1st class honour for my exams.

Bye bye. :)

Back In Action!  

Posted by Kelvin Hiu

Well i know i have not been updating this "lovely" blog for 4 months or maybe more or less. I have been playing Lineage 2 and somehow got addicted to it lol... Well now back in degree life... No more lineage 2 for me and more time for blogging lol... Well 1st week of degree just passed and its kinda cool still.... Just love my cool timetable... Kinda relaxing.... Almost everyday finishes class at 2pm except for friday at 11am XD Not much homework yet but still have to do some research on some tutorials... Oh ya kinda lots of new students and few friends in my course (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) *Loves my friends who boost me up and helped me* Made new friends and about lecturers... Found out something amazing about lecturers but not gonna say it here lol (Sensitive Issue) All i can say is some lecturers are kinda good and some are kinda boring... For now i think the best lecturer is my most important subject for my degree lol.. Nothing much i could say anymore... Just that hope i will have more fun in degree to reduce my stress in the future.. Hope uni friends and melaka friends are still in good condition... 1 thing before I end this post. Degree is so different from foundation!!! I admit that.. Till the next post. See ya!

Headache, fever & flu is killing me!!! Don't worry not danger state yet... Recovered 70%...

L2???? Fun??? Maybe....  

Posted by Kelvin Hiu

Well i know i have not been updating for 1 month and a week or more although I am having holidays.... I can say I am busy and I can say I'm not lol. Well busy playing online game for relaxation... Lineage 2 :D Playing with Final my old l2 buddy and few new friends i made from l2arcane. Cool friends.

Monster Characters XD

Made a pic show with l2 hahaha XD. Title - Commit Suicide XD
I want to die! My boyfriend broke up with me LOL

The End XD

Next, went out with friends. Went for scout meeting with my friends. Really misses our old days in scout and high school...

Lunch In McD

Nothing else... Most of the days. Stay at home watch some anime, play l2 and go swimming with my dad... Ya I exercise. BUT I'm STILL growing FAT!!! AAAAHHHH!!! Maybe must eat less... Thats all for now.. Bye Bye..

*may update again next week.... will not let it die.. :D Cheers!

19th Birthday  

Posted by Kelvin Hiu

Well on my birthday, nothing much happened...

Just stay at home... Play computer games....

Ate "hong kai tan" Peel the egg and my whole hand all red.....



Dinner, went out with my parents... Have a simple dinner since my sister and brother is kinda busy....

Playing game whole day lol.....

On 29th, went McD in dp with cy, nic, lem, jia wei, phillip, soon heng, jude and others.... Makan...

Went watch night at the museum 2... Was quite funny... Rate 4 out of 5.....

Nothing much else.... Just playing games.... Me having DOTA fever and little bit of l2 fever.... hahaha.....

Accidentally deleted my amazing counters T.T The counters starts from zero again... Haiz....

Thats all..... FIN....