An Update After 4 Months  

Posted by Kelvin Hiu

Lol... An update after 4 months.... Firstly, I don't think there are anymore readers for my blog. I don't care much about it.. It's for my memories which I want to remember it always.

Why I never update my blog???

1) Busy
2) Not much to update
3) Lazy
4) Lazy
5) Lazy
....... XD

Why I update now???

Because I have the mood to update...

Next question. How's my life???

Cool. Having my holidays. Staying at home relaxing before my 2nd year degree starts. When people are working, I'm sleeping and when people are sleeping, I "work". :D

I sure miss my uni friends and my melaka friends. It may be weird missing my melaka friends since I'm in melaka. Well, the reason is I'm staying in my room 24 hours in front of my beloved laptop and my friends have left melaka to further their studies. Oh well, that's life for me.... Just received the news that my cousin is going to the same university as me. Should I be sad or happy??? Maybe happy...

That's all????

YESS!!! That's all for now.... If there are still readers for my blog, i appreciate it so much and thank you for reading my blog. Take care my friends....

*Having mixed up feelings*

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